'16-23 Toyota Tacoma SDHQ Built Switch Pros SP-9100 Keypad Mount

Sale price$129.95 USD

Our SDHQ Built Switch-Pros SP-9100 Keypad Mount for the 2016-2023 (3rd Gen), Toyota Tacoma allows you to mount the keypad component of the Switch-Pros SP-9100 in a secure and convenient location. 
This mount is designed so that a Switch-Pros SP-9100 can be securely installed on the driver's left-hand side of the steering wheel underneath your Tacoma's OEM switch panel.

  • 3D CAD designed, engineered & built in-house for our typical SDHQ Built quality, fit, and finish
  • Designed to the the 2016-Current (3rd Gen) Toyota Tacoma
  • Mounts below the OEM Switch Panel on the driver's left-hand side of the steering wheel
  • Designed for a tight, clean fit with the Switch-Pros SP-9100 Keypad component
    • Bolts mount into panel making it sturdy and theft resistant.
    • Nylock nuts eliminate the chance of hardware vibrating loose
  • Does not include any Switch-Pros components, Switch-Pros SP-9100 must be purchased separately
  • Drilling and cutting is required
    • 5/32” drill bit to drill 4 screw holes
    • Dremel to cut out rectangular backings and center hole
  • This mount is designed to only with with Switch-Pros SP-9100
  • Does not fit the Switch Pros RCR-Force 12 or RCR Touch 8
  • This mount is different than our mount that directly replaces your Tacoma's OEM switch Panel.
    • If you have a 2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma and would like to mount a Switch Pros-SP-9100 in your Tacoma's OEM switch panel CLICK HERE




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