D-Line: 2010-On Toyota 4-Runner Rear Kit / 10-14 Toyota FJ Cruiser Rear Kit / 09-On Lexus GX460 Rear Kit

Sale price$840.00 USD

Why should you consider upgrading the brakes on your 4WD?

The rapid worldwide growth in modifying 4WD trucks has created a significant need for well-engineered brake upgrade solutions. Overland enthusiasts are fitting roof-top tents, bull bars, long-range fuel tanks, water tanks, additional battery systems, storage systems, additional spare wheels etc. All of these accessories significantly increase vehicle weight, which severely affects brake performance and results in increased stopping distances. Larger wheel and tire packages are also becoming increasingly popular and these weigh a lot more than the factory-fitted wheels and tires. This additional rotational mass again severely affects brake performance, leading to increased stopping distances. More weight & more rotational wheel mass = more energy, resulting in increased brake temperatures and ultimately brake fade.

What will a high performance rotor and pad kit do for you?

Powerbrake D-Line high performance rotor and pad kits are engineered from the ground up to improve brake performance and reduce brake fade on your 4WD truck. While our D-Line rotor and pad kits are our first-level brake upgrade option for 4WD vehicles, they will deliver considerable performance advantages at a relatively affordable price point. We have sold tens of thousands of our matched rotor and pad upgrade kits around the world since their launch in 2004 and the number of customers that have returned time and again for these kits after fitting their first kit speaks to the performance of the product. While we are always very happy to see new customers fitting our D-Line kits, it is the number of return customers that we like to see most. We have many customers that immediately order a Powerbrake rotor and pad kit each time they purchase a new truck.

Why choose Powerbrake?

We are totally focused on designing, manufacturing and testing performance brake systems for 4WD and overland trucks. We are a part of the community and are passionate about adventuring in our trucks, making them safer and more confident to drive. Our D-Line high performance rotor and pad kits were designed by the same team members that designed our renowned R-Line off-road race systems and they are manufactured on the same equipment, in the same factory. All design features (such as slot patterns, rotor coatings and max temp recording systems), as well as the proprietary cast-iron alloys from which the rotors are cast, have been directly developed through our extensive involvement at the highest levels of international off-road racing.

What does a D-Line Rotor & Pad Kit include?

  • 2 x Standard diameter AT-Series high performance slotted rotors
  • An axle set of matched high-performance brake pads.
  • Fits as per a standard rotor and pad change, using the vehicle’s standard OEM calipers.

What are the benefits at a glance?

  • Reduced stopping distances in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Reduced brake fade and improved brake consistency.
  • Improved initial brake response (bite).
  • Improved brake modulation particularly during emergency stops.
  • Improved resistance to rotor distortion (warping) and cracking at high temperatures.

D-Line MTR (Temperature Measurement System)

All our rotors feature our MTR system that provides a permanent record of the peak operating temperature reached by the rotor. This information is extremely valuable for understanding what is happening in your brake system. The thermal-paint tabs are applied to the outside diameter of the rotors (on both the inboard and outboard rotor plates). Each single-change paint color will change to white when a specific temperature is reached, hereby providing a record of the peak operating temperature of the rotor.

  • Blue paint changes color at 527 deg F
  • Green paint changes color at 860 deg F
  • Orange paint changes color at 1022 deg F
  • Pink paint changes color at 1166 deg F
  • Rotors are cast from a proprietary high carbon cast-iron alloy
  • Rotors are machined to tolerances up to three times tighter than the industry norm
  • All Powerbrake rotors feature our MTR (Max Temperature Recording) system
  • Proprietary black rotor surface coating ensures quicker bed-in and max brake performance
  • Spiral slots on rotor fiction surface clear friction gasses, debris and water
  • Matched high friction PB05 brake pads take the guesswork out of pad selection