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Rago Fabrication 3rd Gen Tundra Bed Stiffeners address a common issue faced by Tundra owners. Over time, the rear sheet metal channels of Tundras can crack due to increased stress and weight from activities such as using a camper shell, bed rack, or frequent off-roading. The brackets add an additional ⅜-inch of steel, 3/16-inch stiffener plus 3/16-inch backer plate, for superior rigidity. Our bed stiffeners are specifically designed to reinforce and strengthen the bed of your truck, providing unmatched durability and peace of mind. 

Installation is a breeze with our thoughtfully designed brackets. The brackets securely mount to the bottom of the bed using existing bolt holes, and are also mounted to the side of the bed which requires some drilling. These robust brackets ensure maximum strength and longevity, allowing you to confidently tackle any adventure.

Please Note: Some drilling is required for installation.

We can confirm that these will work with a Decked system!

Modification may be required if you have a plastic bed liner.

Please Note: During installation it's important to use a Step Bit (Unibit) to prevent cracking, rather than a regular Drill Bit.

  • Reinforces Truck Bed
  • Sold as pair | Driver and Passenger side
  • High Quality American Steel
  • Powder coated Textured Black