05-23 Toyota Tacoma Battery Relocate Kit - JETG Designs

Sale price$485.00 USD

JETG Designs has brought you a component mounting panel with wiring kit that bolts into the factory battery location with additional real estate for adding a secondary fuse box or Switch Pros controller for all your accessories.

The relocation plate is designed to fit a battery on/off switch for added safety or if a vehicle is planned to be stores for a prolonged period of time. 

This Battery Relocate Kit contains all the parts, hardware, wiring, cable management, and components necessary to relocate your battery to the rear of your truck with enough cable to mount in anywhere outside of the engine compartment.

Parts List: 

(1) - JETG Designs Battery Relocate Panel and Logo Back plate
(1) - Battery On/Off Switch Qty 1 
(1) - Battery Post Terminals and Covers (Pair)
(1) - Panel Terminals and Covers Qty (Pair)
(1) - 25' Red 2/0 Gauge Pure Copper Ultra Flexible Welding & Battery Cable  
(1) - 3' Black 2/0 Gauge Pure Copper Ultra Flexible Welding & Battery Cable  
(1) - 28' Plastic Wire Loom Qty 
(6) - ¼-20 Stainless Panel Mounting Hardware  
(4) - #10 Self Tapping Screws  
(4) - Red and Black Shrink Tube  
(3) - Stainless Vibration Clamps for cable management  
(10) - Tinned Copper Wire Lugs, Heavy Duty Battery Cable Ends