2005-2015 Tacoma HC Sandstorm Edit V2

Sale price$1,039.00 USD

Bumper Options: Bare Metal w/Out Bedside Protection

*** 2005-2015 High Clearance Rear Tube Bumper Requires Bedsides to be Cut***

Bumpers come RAW! Will need finishing. 

I designed this one off bumper for "IG @ Sandstormtaco", and been stoked on the demand it received. This is Version 2 for the 2nd Gen Taco!

Destined to be punished, abused, and are for passionate rock crawlers. Mainly tubular construction to lighten up the weight.

Also, perfect for those looking to replace heavier plated rears from other manufacturers.

Bumper will have - 2" Hitch receiver (Not Rated for Towing, we've seen a lot of guys tow, however), Slotted Tabs for light pods (Baja S2 will fit best, could also mount s1s), bed reinforcement tabs, and associated hardware.  

The Bumper main plates are .375" Thick where it mounts and then becomes .750" thick to the outside of the round tubes to mount recovery or D rings.

The Round Tubes are all 1.75" DOM .120" thick

The Main Hitch receiver is built of trailer receiver tubing 2.53"x2.53" .0238 with 2" ID and supported by 2"x2" Sq tubing .1875" Thick, ties into the main frame plates, and has round support tubes to the outer to make everything structurally sound. 

Could remove 1/4 panel (tree savers) bedside protection for a reduced rate.

Lead Times: Please allow 4-6 weeks.