Deaver H70HD Springs & Hardware

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Deaver H70HD Progressive Series springs are high-quality 10-leaf units fabricated with high grade 5160 “American Made” steel designed for the Tacoma 2WD / 4WD. A higher leaf count spring allows the use of thinner leaf material that yields a more flexible progressive leaf stack, or pyramid, producing a much smoother spring rate curve throughout the complete suspension cycle. The even, linear compression rate curve of our progressive system spring is the primary key to excellent ride quality.

We designed our Tacoma rear long travel suspension kit (DK-811848) which includes our front hangers, rear hangers, shackles, brake lines, spring perches, spring plates and all necessary hardware to install the Deaver H70HD pack. Since these leaf springs convert the rear suspension to spring under you will need to weld on a new spring perch on the under side of the axle housing which is included in our rear long travel suspension kit. For maximum performance we recommend our bolt in bedcage and spec triple bypasses. This will allow for a total of 18.5" of travel and will give you a 1.5"-2" lift in the rear.

Deaver springs are designed for performance and do not use an overload spring. This reduces the vehicle's tow rating. It is not recommend to tow any heavy loads with these leaf springs.

• Deaver H70HD Leaf Springs
• U Bolts
• Bushing & Inner Sleeve Kit

2005-2023 Tacoma 2WD / 4WD (6 lug model)