50" Gravity®️ Titan™ LED Light Bar - 8-Light - #91418

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The Gravity® Titan™ LED Light Bars revolutionize off-road lighting, merging KC's pioneering linkable and curvable design of the Pro6 but amping up the performance. At their heart lies the innovative Titan Core driving 3-Source LED optics, delivering a 1.3x larger Illumination Zone, 1.7x brighter output, and 1.3x more beam distance than the Gravity Pro6. At the flip of the switch, alter between High Power Mode for intense output and an integrated Amber Dust Light for others to easily see you in dusty conditions. Featuring a patented Pass-Through Front Cooling system, the Titan ensures peak performance and durability, even in high-heat, high-demand situations. After experiencing the unparalleled lighting power of the Gravity® Titan™, you'll never look back.


Dual Power Modes:
-Amber LED Dust Light: Acts as a marker light to be seen with in low-visibility conditions.
-High-Power Mode: Offers intense lighting for nighttime trail use.

Titan Core:
-Patented Pass-Through Front Cooling: Provides superior thermal management.
-3-Source LED Optics: Delivers comprehensive lighting coverage - short, mid, and long-range.
-Linkable and Curvable: Patented Infinity Ring®️ system offers expandable widths and the option to curve or straighten your setup.
-Gravity Reflective Diode Technology: Ensures unmatched beam precision and efficiency, providing brighter and more focused light.
-MoistureBlock® Technology: An integrated plug built directly into the housing to keep water out, while maintaining a secure connection.

-(1) 50" Gravity®️ Titan™ LED Light Bar - 8-Light
-(8) Gravity 6" Light Cover - Black with Yellow KC Logo
-(1) Gravity® Titan 8-Light Light Bar Daisy-Chain Back Harness
-(1) Complete Plug-N-Play Wiring Harness with 3-Position Switch
-(1) Cover Removal Tool
-(1) Bumpstop
-(8) R-Type Cable Clamp
-(8) M4-0.7x6mm Phillips Screw

The saga of Titan™ is one of enduring legacy and groundbreaking advancements. It started with the Gravity® Pro6 – a game-changer at a time when nothing else came close. Leveraging our rich experience, we took the nostalgia for classic round lights and the demand for LED light bars, and infused all of that together with cutting-edge GRD® optic technology. This move didn't just light up trails; it sparked a revolution in off-road lighting. Titan stands as a testament to our commitment to push boundaries and fuel off-road adventures.

Enter the all-new Titan core. Delivering a massive leap in lighting performance, you'll get to the podium or back to camp with ease.

  • 34.7% larger Illumination Zone than the Gravity Pro6
  • 68.2% brighter peak intensity than the Gravity Pro6
  • 26.8% more beam distance than the Gravity Pro6
Make a statement with the Titan's integrated Amber LED Dust Light. This marker light stands out in low-visibility conditions like dust and snow, ensuring you're seen by others on the trail, day or night. Brighter than traditional backlights, it's designed not just for function, but for flair. While it may not replace a forward projecting light, it excels in making sure you're visible and safe in challenging environments. Turn it on, and it's not just a light – it's a statement.

The industry-first Infinity Ring system allows you to customize your light bar. Like Legos® for grown-ups, it offers expandable widths, modular beam shapes, and the option to curve or straighten your setup. Create a custom radius to change the way your beams display. The configuration is up to you. Plus, if a light on your light bar ever gets damaged, switching it out is simple (unlike other, non-modular lightbars which require the entire bar to be replaced).

An innovative wiring plug built directly into the housing features MoistureBlock® technology in partnership with DSM&T. This keeps all the bad stuff out, while ensuring the Titan maintains a secure and weather-proof connection despite what the trails throw at you. Don't even bother looking up the weather report.

The fusion of multiple beam patterns into one bar brings together the far-reaching precision of Spot Beams with the expansive coverage of Wide-40 Beams, ensuring total illumination in every scenario. Whether you're racing through the desert in Baja, cruising forest trails, or navigating rugged mountain paths, this light bar leaves nothing in the shadows.