FLEX ERA® 1 - Flush Mount Backup Light Kit - #521

Sale price$369.99 USD

Featuring the powerful and compact FLEX ERA® 1, this kit pairs two FE1s pre-assembled in a spread beam pattern with both a specially designed, extended-length backup harness and a pair of Flush Mount Faceplates to make the installation a breeze. Our KC FLEX ERA® 1 Flush Mount Backup Light Kit is perfect for those seeking a low-profile way to flush mount their lights in a rear bumper for reverse lights or dust lights.

Note: Using the flush mount plate removes the ability to use the Clear or Amber Shields and the Black and Yellow Cover on the FLEX ERA® 1 light.

-2 x FLEX ERA® 1 Lights in Spread Beam
-Two Power Modes for Style and Performance

  • Amber LED Backlight
  • Full Power (off-road use only)
-Flush Mount Faceplates for a clean install on aftermarket or OEM bumpers
-Designed to fit the bolt pattern on a variety of aftermarket bumpers
-Black powder-coated for ultimate durability and strength
-Rubber gasket for shock and vibration dampening

  • Illuminating Immediate Areas as a Work Light
  • Shining Backwords as a Backup/Reverse light
  • Rear Facing Dust Light when paired with the FE1 Performance Yellow Lenses

-2 x FLEX ERA® 1 Lights in Spread Beam
-2 x Flush Mount Faceplates (pre-installed)
-1 x Complete Wiring Harness for FLEX ERA Backup/Reverse Lights

-Lumens: 2,430 lm
-LUX @ 10 meters: 162 lx
-Candela: 16,200 cd
-Beam Distance (Meters): 127.3m

-Wattage: 5W (Amber Backlight) / 23W
-Amp Draw: 0.83 A / 3.83 A
-Voltage: 9V-36V
-IP Rating: IP68

Contained in a compact size of less than 2.7", the FLEX ERA® 1 packs major performance in a versatile package for rear-facing lighting. They feature dual power modes; one mode is for the full, high-power output, and the other illuminates an eclipse-like amber backlight.

Our Flush Mount Faceplate easily install onto a FLEX ERA 1 light by removing the four corner bolts and replacing the standard faceplate with this flush mount plate. These mounts come complete with the necessary hardware, a cut template, and rubber gaskets for shock and vibration dampening.


We get it, everyone loves to personalize their rig. That's why we stuck with our tried and true FLEX LED® tradition and ensured that you can change and stylize the colored accent bezel to match your rig. The FE1 bezels come standard in gold, but you can pick up the bezels in deep red, rich blue, or gloss black to suit your needs.