Volk Racing - TE37XT | Black Blast - 17x8.5 / 6x139 / -10

Sale price$924.00 USD

Price is for one(1) wheel.

If you're looking for the top-of-the-line wheels then you found them! These wheels are fully forged, one-piece design, and JWL-T certified. Being that these are JWL-T certified, they have been tested at the highest standards which makes them the strongest wheels on the market. The best part is that they weigh only 17 pounds per wheel and that makes them the lightest wheels on the market.

Having light wheels is important because when you put bigger tires on your vehicle, you are putting more weight/stress on the axles and transmission. Bigger tires always weigh more and cause more road drag which will wear your axles and transmission out quicker. This goes without mentioning the overland gear that goes on our rigs. 

  • Weight: 17lbs per wheel.
  • Bolt pattern: 6x139 (6x5.5).
  • Size: 17x8.5.
  • Offset: -10.
  • Color: Blast Black.