Total Tail Stage 1 - 16-23 Tacoma

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Introducing the newest version of the Total Tail Light Kit.  This is a 100% plug and play harness AND LED conversion. Not only are they brighter than stock, but it relocates the turn signal to the bottom section and makes it Amber in color. The brake light is also expanded into a full "horseshoe" pattern. Redesigned switchbacks, and brake bulbs for the best output!

When swapping out of a stock truck you may need load resistors on the turn signal circuit to prevent hyper flashing. You can find the resistors here.


  • 2 wire harnesses with all OEM
  • 4 Custom 7443 red Brake LEDS
  • 2 custom switchback bulbs(reverse/turn)


Below is a video showing how to install the Stage 1 kit, please note this video shows an older version of our kit but the install process is the same. Simple plug and play.