Blue Sea 2300 - 10 Screw Common Busbar with Cover

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Mounting Hardware: No Thank You

By introducing a grounding busbar in your electrical configuration you gain the ability to neatly coordinate the negative wires in one convenient location. 

A busbar eliminates the poor practice of sheet metal screws or the need to extend the negative wires and clutter the negative terminal of the battery
Also, a poor ground is often the most common source for an electrical "Gremlin". Having a proper grounding busbar ensures a reliable ground every time. Eliminating what could be hours of troubleshooting. 
The Blue Sea 2300 Common Busbar is rated for up to 150A. Its compact size is only 6 inches long and comes with a clear plastic cover. 

Mounting Hardware: 

    High quality stainless steel machine screws with locking serrated flange nuts will securely fasten this fuse block to the PowerTray and keep it there for good. Hardware comes the exact length needed for a professional looking install.