Shiprock Height Adjustable Bed Rack System for T-Slot Rails

Sale price$799.00 USD

Designed to be compatible with T-slot rails allowing you to bolt directly on your cover.

Covers with T-slot rails compatible with TUWA Pro T-slot bases:
Pace Edwards Ultragroove
Pace Edwards Explorer Series
RetraxOne XR
RetraxPro XR
Retrax Powertraxone XR
Roll N’ Lock A Series XT
Roll N’ Lock M Series XT
Roll N’ Lock E Series XT
EGR Retractable Cover
BAK Revolver X4s with T-slot Rails
Syneticusa Retractable Cover
Vanguard Retractable Cover

If your cover is not on this list but it has T-slot rails please contact us at to confirm compatibility.