The Brite Box - Toyota 4Runner (2021-2023) High Beam and Fog Light Mod

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Select Year: 2021
Select Trim Level: SR5
Select Brite Box: The Brite Box Fogster

The Brite Box for Toyota 4Runner is a device that greatly contributes to driving safety on dark roads by improving both the output and coverage of high beam mode. With Anytime models, you'll gain full control of your fog lights and operate them on any light setting such as no headlights or with daytime running lights. With Brite Box, you can enjoy the benefits of these improved beam patterns, automatically, without placing any additional loads on the vehicle's stock headlight switches or wiring. Made in the USA.

2021-2023 Toyota 4Runner

On the 2021-2023 Toyota 4Runner the low beams will stay on but the fog lights will automatically shut off on high beams. Choose from 2 different options to control your lights the way you want. See options below.

  • Option 1: The Brite Box Fogster - will automatically turn fog lights on when the high beams are activated

The Brite Box Fogster model is FULLY AUTOMATIC with no additional switches or controls to operate, but by using your existing factory high beam switch to activate the effect.

  • Option 2: The Brite Box Anytime - gives you full control of your fog lights. This kit will allow you to turn your fog lights on in any light setting such as no headlights, with daytime running lights, and with high beams.  

The Brite Box Anytime REQUIRES A SWITCH to turn your fog lights on at any time. When purchasing The Brite Box Anytime, it will include a Universal Switch (with a Blue LED). Upgrade to an OEM Style Push Switch here or a switch panel to control your lighting here

For general product questions or wiring The Brite Box Anytime with an 8 switch control panel or other similar systems please contact the manufacturer (Aspire Auto Accessories).

*The user/installer assumes all liability in using the product.